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About Deviant Kanabo MelkanMale/United States Groups :iconfree-write-project: Free-Write-Project
Don't edit, just write.
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I'm traveling far,
as far as my mind can take me.
Running from a dream,
a specter, or maybe a memory.
As far as I run, the mirage
catches up with me,
drowning me, suffocating
under every fake what-if.
Somewhere, far, far away.
Mesmerized, perhaps, but at peace.
Where life is perfect and
peaceful, enriching.
As far as I can imagine,
and beautifully perfect in every way.
Embracing the phantom,
savoring peace within the self.
But perhaps, all of this
is just within a dream.
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Mature content
Liar's Game -- Chapter 1.6 :iconnghts1lk3r:Nghts1lk3r 0 1
Mature content
Liar's Game -- Chapter 1.5 :iconnghts1lk3r:Nghts1lk3r 0 0
Mature content
Liar's Game -- Chapter 1.4 :iconnghts1lk3r:Nghts1lk3r 0 3
Liar's Game -- Chapter 1.3
Detective Erik Larsson frowned as he gestured madly in an attempt to convince his partner, one Detective Shaun Handeley, to hurry the hell up with his morning coffee and get down to the station. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what all the fuss was about. The news was already filled with pictures of the crime scene, being filmed live as the coroner removed the body.
Erik had been the first detective on-scene, and so the entire cluster-fuck had landed squarely in his lap. It'd been half an hour since the body was discovered, but at least he had ID'ed the victim.
The picture in the folder was a mug shot, taken about 6 months ago. On it was clearly displayed an ace of spades tattoo on his throat, the only identifying marker left on the body. Even the teeth had been ripped out, and the amount of damage to the body's face indicated that he had been alive for it.
He shook his head and had a final sip from his own coffee, getting his head on straight before going to the briefi
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Mature content
Liar's Game -- Chapter 1.2 :iconnghts1lk3r:Nghts1lk3r 0 0
The Land of Ideas
In there, that foreign world,
only intelligence matters,
the funny person is king,
and thoughts are currency.
Where everyone is only as
informed as they choose,
and art is loved regardless
of who the artist loves.
Where the real world doesn't exist;
where people can be as happy
as they choose to be,
through a computer screen.
Even if our bodies fail,
and we slowly rot away,
leaving nothing but bones,
we can live forever.
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Hello. This is the voice inside.
I return again, with one question:
Who are your demons?
Am I something you try to hide,
like the other skeletons
you keep secreted and locked away?
Or am I something you show,
and try to downplay, just like
everything else in your life?
No wonder you got demons,
because everything you ever did
will be coming back around.
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Giving Up
A heart made of stone,
left calloused and alone.
Watch as I tear it out,
and crush it beneath my heel.
If only the stars would align,
give me something to scream about,
while I take a knife and carve out
that thing most people call emotion.
Don't worry, it's not like I
really needed it anyway, that
dead and rotting thing inside
my brain like a form of cancer.
Sometimes, I forget exactly why
I want to destroy everything.
Then reality sets back in,
and I go back to what I used to be.
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Mature content
To An Old Friend, Part 2 :iconnghts1lk3r:Nghts1lk3r 0 0
Mature content
Running Away :iconnghts1lk3r:Nghts1lk3r 1 0
Into Darkness
Alone in the dark,
I am left with my thoughts
as they grope blindly
around inside my head.
The abyss calls to me,
a pit of emptiness edged
with the slick stones of
despair and hopelessness.
Alone with my thoughts,
the void calls to me sweetly
like a lover, beckoning me
back home to its embrace.
The offer is tempting,
the future seeming bleak
and the same as the present.
If I dive in and cast life away,
what will I find at the bottom?
Maybe I'll find hope,
or perhaps even greater despair,
but even now as I gaze
into the dark, it stares back.
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Before the Drop
Carnival lights and
the ringmaster's call
seem out of place
while I remain chained
and left here while
my shackles slowly rust,
feet unable to wander
freely among the revelers.
Feel the spotlight,
bright and impartial,
met with final parting words
and ideals worth dying for.
The already dead will
freely accept their own.
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Mature content
Rebirth :iconnghts1lk3r:Nghts1lk3r 0 15
Mature content
Liar's Game -- Chapter 1.1 :iconnghts1lk3r:Nghts1lk3r 0 16
Clichéd topics rattle around inside my skull,
lacking permanance and substance inside
the ethered fog of my mindscape.
Sand castles washed away by waves of time
and life leaving naught but a flat beach
of where the ideas used to be.
Maybe I need to find something to hold on to,
a bungalow built around a dream I keep to myself;
a place where I can watch the sunset in peace.
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Kanabo Melkan
United States
Upon realizing that this was ancient, I decided to create a new one.

Happy now?

Current Residence: Maine.
Favorite genre of music: Dubstep.
Favorite style of art: Manga.
Operating System: Windows 7.
Favorite cartoon character: Stewie from Family Guy.
Personal Quote: "What's the point of even trying, when nothing's gonna happen?"
I'll be the first to admit that I have no reason to want a vacation. I don't really work (because the economy back home blows more donkey dick than a Mexican stripper), and I mostly sit around on my lazy ass and play video games.

I'm not too proud to admit that I am very lazy indeed.

Either way, I was dragged over 800 miles south to (mostly) sunny Greenville, NC, to help a family member move, and it's turned into a vacation along the way. I don't think I needed it, but it's nice to get out of the house every now and then. Especially when it gets me away from my roommates who I've dealt with for over a year straight. I needed time away from them, and that gives them time away from me. It's mutually beneficial.

Still, here I am stuck in a college town, alone (my family member decided to strand me here with her car and go to Georgia for the weekend), and very bored on a Friday night. I'm tempted to go out and party like an average college kid, but I'm poor. It comes with not being able to get a job.

Still, fuck it. I'm away from home and might as well make the most of it. To the bar!


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