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Nghts1lk3r: **kneeling** Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.

Pr1son3r: **standing in front of Nghts1lk3r, holding a bible** What seems to be troubling you, my child?

Nghts1lk3r: Today, while doing honest labor, I wished somebody dead...

Pr1son3r: That is a most disturbing problem, my son.

Ass4ss1n: **standing off to the side with Ph03n1x** Hey, does this seem completely wrong to you?

Ph03n1x: What? Nghts1lk3r going to confession, or Pr1son3r being a priest?

Ass4ss1n: Both...

Pr1son3r: Hush, children. Your turns are after this troubled soul.

Nghts1lk3r: I've also been tempted by sins of the flesh, father... I've committed several of the Seven Deadly Sins...

Pr1son3r: Which ones?

Ass4ss1n: "Judge not, lest ye be judged." --Matthew, 7:1 Isn't that right?

Nghts1lk3r: Lust, greed, envy, gluttony, and wrath.

Pr1son3r: Tell me about them.

Ph03n1x: You're the cause. "If you have a problem with a person, remove the person and you remove the problem." --Stalin **puts a gun to Pr1son3r's head**

Nghts1lk3r: **pulls out sawed-off shotgun and holds it to Ph03n1x's head** Well, here's wrath.

Pr1son3r: You have nothing to fear, my son.

Ass4ss1n: Ph03n1x, put the gun down... It's bad to kill people... **pulls out a cigar and lights it** Especially ordained priests. **puffs**

Nghts1lk3r: **shoots cigar** No smoking.

Ass4ss1n: You're really testing my patience...

Ph03n1x: So... No killing priests?

Ass4ss1n: No.

Nghts1lk3r: So that means that you can't torture the pedophiles to death, Ass4ss1n.

Ass4ss1n: Why?

Nghts1lk3r: Because, apparently, many of them are priests.

Ass4ss1n: Now I get it...

Ph03n1x: That explains everything!

Pr1son3r: **visibly trying to control anger** I am not a pedophile. I just found my true calling.

Nghts1lk3r: **stands up abruptly** So have I! I want to be a teacher!

Ass4ss1n: What..? You're kidding, right?

Ph03n1x: I want to be a world-renowned poet!

Ass4ss1n: Huh!? What the hell? What happened to being an engineer? We are gonna need money...

Nghts1lk3r: So? Just serve 20 years, retire with half pay, and there we go. Funds!

Ass4ss1n: Okay... **turns to Pr1son3r** And the whole religion thing?

Pr1son3r: We could go to a seminary after we serve our time...

Ass4ss1n: **shakes head in disgust while turning to Ph03n1x** And how the hell do you intend to make ANY money out of being a poet? Is it even possible nowadays?

Ph03n1x: I think so... Let me get back to you on that after about 30 years...

Ass4ss1n:  Hopeless dreamer romantics...

Pr1son3r: And WHO exactly wanted to be an astronaut?

Ph03n1x: That would be all of us...

Pr1son3r: Oh... Right... My bad...

Nghts1lk3r: Hey, father, is confession over yet?

Pr1son3r: Yes it is. Now, for penance, donate $20 to a good cause, say 5 Hail Marys, and 5 Our Fathers. **grabs Ph03n1x by the collar and drags him away** Your turn!

Ass4ss1n: **looks over at Nghts1lk3r** He's taking this a little too far, isn't he?

Nghts1lk3r: You could say that... Still, it's nice to have that much determination.

Ass4ss1n: You do. **slaps Nghts1lk3r upside the head** Dumbass.

Nghts1lk3r: Oh... Yeah... My bad...

Ph03n1x: WHAT!?!?!? That's my penance!?

Pr1son3r: **evil laugh** Yes, it is.

Ass4ss1n: Crap... He's gone Satanic, hasn't he?

Nghts1lk3r: Yep. I do believe he set a new record for the length of time he's been nice though...

Ass4ss1n: At least, since that time...

Nghts1lk3r: Never mention that again.

Ph03n1x: But I don't wanna cosplay as an anime maid!

Ass4ss1n: Or this?

Nghts1lk3r: Definitely agreed with you there.
Yes, I realize that Ph03n1x having a gun is completely OOC, but characters do need to evolve over time... And yes, all of the personas have different directions they want to take in life.

Nghts1lk3r: High school teacher in Japan. (right... and piggies are flying through the sky with bat wings) :roll:
Pr1son3r: Priest. (like that's ever going to happen, seriously, he's the last person I want to have as a spiritual advisor) ^^;
Ass4ss1n: Engineer. (practical until the very end, even though he did once have dreams of flying) :|
Ph03n1x: Poet. (ever the dreamer, and idiot, of the bunch; even though he appears to be the most popular character) :la:

And yes, I did go there. I did make fun of priests. To all people who are offended by this, I apologize in advance. I mean no harm, and it's all in good sport.

But the thought of Ph03n1x in an anime maid cosplay... :ohnoes: That is just wrong...
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emonightwalker Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
i like this.
Nghts1lk3r Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
^^; Just blowing off some steam...
And having a little fun while doing it...
emonightwalker Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Nghts1lk3r Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
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