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I'm traveling far,
as far as my mind can take me.
Running from a dream,
a specter, or maybe a memory.

As far as I run, the mirage
catches up with me,
drowning me, suffocating
under every fake what-if.

Somewhere, far, far away.
Mesmerized, perhaps, but at peace.

Where life is perfect and
peaceful, enriching.
As far as I can imagine,
and beautifully perfect in every way.

Embracing the phantom,
savoring peace within the self.

But perhaps, all of this
is just within a dream.
So... Yeah. 

Calling it quits for a while on DA. If you hadn't figured.

I might be back, but don't hold your breath.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Jake frowned as he stared at the computer screen, examining today's various news outlets. Instability in the Middle East, various international trade deals, and all of the typical circuses that seem to pop up to distract people from important things.

Other than what was already brewing and predicted, there were no new changes in The Pattern, save for the murder on the local news. "Each stone makes a wave, no matter how small." A profound idea, when you think about it on a global scale, Jake mused to himself.

Even though it was only a small pebble, thrown into the sea, it made a wave, and local areas are too small for such things to be ignored. The preliminary news reports on the murder were the usual runaround about how "the investigation is ongoing" and that they "would release details as soon as they knew." Details that had been thoroughly sanitized and were non-case critical, that is.

A video started playing on the page, the Chief of Police earning his pay by leeching off of the fears of the people in his district. He seemed to be a relatively built man, but he looked like he'd had a few too many donuts thinking they were going to cure baldness. The kind of person that might even be convincingly sympathetic and calming if it wasn't for the fact that the body was discovered during the daytime, and his own nervous and strained facial expressions.

Jake closed the tab and moved on to the next news article on it. Apparently several major other news stations had heard about the case and were going to be moving in more reporters for the entertainment of the masses.

Each death is a tragedy, and you should never let a good tragedy go to waste, eh? The extra reporters would certainly explain the nervousness of the chief, what with possible attempt to move into a Mayoral seat later this year. The only thing worse than no publicity is bad publicity. If his department handles it poorly and he's politically toxic and a liability.

Jake didn't even realize Tony, one of his other roommates, sneaking up on him as he typed his notes for the day. "You being a terminal paranoiac again?"

Jake swiveled his head and shot a glare at Tony that might have lit a fire. "No. I'm trying to adjust The Pattern again."

Tony smiled and laughed it off while holding out a cigarette. "You and your pattern shit. Anything interesting?" Leaning in, Tony looked at the notes, which Jake had typed up in cipher everyone else referred to as paranoia. "You know that's why you don't get laid, right?"

"And I've stopped caring. Can't miss what you haven't had, asshat." Pointing at the article on the screen, he frowned. "And The Pattern is getting interesting on a local level for once. Something I didn't see coming."

Tony frowned and looked over, concerned. "Dude, I may rag on your pattern bullshit, but it's scary accurate. If it wasn't predicting this, was it because it was too small?"  Jake shook his head in response.

"Yes and no. It was small, just a single murder so far. But there's a few things that aren't normal for a 'normal' murder." Jake scrolled over various pictures to point them out more clearly for Tony. "For example, why set it up in public? There's dozens of miles that aren't anything but trees. And why carve this symbol into his head?"

"Dude, I know that symbol." Tony recoiled a bit, as if the picture scared him. Jake clicked on the picture, zooming in on what they could make out of the person's forehead. "That's a rune."

...You've got to be kidding. Tony, knowing something not common knowledge or Jersey Shore related... "You sure? Doesn't look like any runes I recognize." Tony shook his head, as if recalling a painful event.

"Yeah. My ex sent me that. Remember what I said about her?"

"She's fucking insane, and an insane fuck?" "No, not that. About her weird-ass beliefs." "No, you didn't. Mind enlightening me?"

Tony paled, "Dude, she was big into Wiccan shit and runes. She sent me that one after she found out I cheated on her with her mom and her best friend. Long story. Either way, I looked that shit up because it was drawn with blood, and creepy as shit. It was some sort of revenge shit."

"Tell me you still have it." Jake stared at Tony, as if that would have made it come out of his chest.

"No, motherfucker. Hell to the no! I burned that bitch. But that symbol... The meanings I found were 'sudden loss', 'drastic change', and 'disaster'." Tony's face was a mask of seriousness, as if life was at stake here. "It's meant for 'revenge'."

"Sounds like someone's declaring war." Jake's fingers started flying across the keyboard, adding his new information to The Pattern. Even if you can't be sure of the future, everything pointed at this "murder investigation" being a lot more interesting.
Liar's Game -- Chapter 1.6
Finally got around to doing this... About time.

Chapter 1.5:…


Kanabo Melkan
United States
Upon realizing that this was ancient, I decided to create a new one.

Happy now?

Current Residence: Maine.
Favorite genre of music: Dubstep.
Favorite style of art: Manga.
Operating System: Windows 7.
Favorite cartoon character: Stewie from Family Guy.
Personal Quote: "What's the point of even trying, when nothing's gonna happen?"
I'll be the first to admit that I have no reason to want a vacation. I don't really work (because the economy back home blows more donkey dick than a Mexican stripper), and I mostly sit around on my lazy ass and play video games.

I'm not too proud to admit that I am very lazy indeed.

Either way, I was dragged over 800 miles south to (mostly) sunny Greenville, NC, to help a family member move, and it's turned into a vacation along the way. I don't think I needed it, but it's nice to get out of the house every now and then. Especially when it gets me away from my roommates who I've dealt with for over a year straight. I needed time away from them, and that gives them time away from me. It's mutually beneficial.

Still, here I am stuck in a college town, alone (my family member decided to strand me here with her car and go to Georgia for the weekend), and very bored on a Friday night. I'm tempted to go out and party like an average college kid, but I'm poor. It comes with not being able to get a job.

Still, fuck it. I'm away from home and might as well make the most of it. To the bar!

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